Pet Travel from South Africa to the United States

Name: E.
From: Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
To: Orlando, Florida, USA
Pets: Bandit (Cat, 5 years,10kg); Calypso (African Grey, 1 kg)
Hello PetRelocation,
Please could you give me the approximate costs and what would be required? I cannot do the relocation as I am in a wheelchair. We love them very much.
Hi E.,
Thank you for your question, we'd be happy to help with some information. First, please review the pet import requirements for the United States, and for your African Grey, here are a few tips for traveling with birds.
The costs of this move will depend on a few factors, but you can expect to spend up to a few thousand dollars (USD) once flight costs, travel crates and vet visits are taken into account. For more information about general pet travel best practices, please review these essential pet travel tips, as well.
If you're interested in hiring some assistance you're welcome to fill out our online consultation form to connect to one of our Specialists. We've helped many pets move to the United States safely and would be happy to assist you, as well.
Good luck with your travels!


PetRelocation Team



Cats, Birds


United States, South Africa
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