Pet Travel in Cars!  Buckle Up!

I came across this press release today, and like most pet press releases they are mostly set up for key words and the use of the net to help their searches - we all do it and this is why I rarely post press releases on our blog.  However, this one is great as it really focuses on the pet travel market and the overlooked aspect of ‘pet seat belts’ and the need for all of us to think of them as such!  If you are driving with your pets, you know that many times you hit those breaks and your dog slams his nose into the back seat or the dashboard… now imagine if it was an accident, your dog - just like humans - will fly out of that windshield!

Please focus on pet safety while driving and it will make your pet travels that much safer!

NEW YORK—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Zoombak LLC (,      a Liberty Media (NASDAQ: LCAPA) company, today joined the leading     automotive pet safety experts from Bark Buckle UP (      at the New York International Auto Show to promote safe and responsible     pet ownership and highlight the latest in pet travel safety products.   

    Bark Buckle UPs pet safety program is     traveling nationally to teach and promote pet safety in automobiles.      Christina Selter, Bark Buckle UPҒs founder, is     a recognized pet travel safety expert and a regular guest at     international auto shows, pet industry events and has appeared in     numerous TV and radio interviews. Supported by fire and police     personnel, Bark Buckle UP is committed to saving pets     lives through safety education programs in and around automobiles.   

    ғBark Buckle UPs     mission is to educate the public and all ґpet     parents about the importance of safely     securing their pets when traveling. Vehicle seat belts have saved the     lives of countless occupants and properly restraining our pets provides     them with many of the same benefits: it protects them in case of     collision, keeps them from distracting the driver, and prevents them     from escaping the vehicle and becoming lost,Ҕ      said Christina Selter, founder of Bark Buckle UP. I     wish to thank Zoombak for its efforts to keep our pets safe with its     advanced GPS dog locator and help spread the message about pet safety.Ӕ   

    We know that dogs are an integral part of     millions of families and that is why Zoombak is committed to helping dog     owners safeguard their beloved pet, whether on the road or at home,Ӕ      said Simon Buckingham, CEO of Zoombak. With     Zoombak, we have created a powerful new tool to help keep dogs safe and     are pleased to partner with Bark Buckle UP to promote pet safety,      bringing added peace of mind to pet owners.Ӕ   

    Zoombaks     Advanced Dog Locator harnesses the power of advanced GPS technology     to help dog owners quickly locate and recover their missing pets.      Featuring a compact design, easy-to-use interactive website and a     real-time email/text message alert system that notifies a pet owner when     dog leaves a user-defined ғsafety zone,      Zoombak provides customers with a new level of security. Zoombak is     available for purchase online at      for $199 (plus a low monthly service fee starting at $9.99) and will be     carried at PetSmart and other major national and regional retailers     starting next month.

Happy Pet Travels!


PetRelocation Team




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