Pet Travel in the News: Psychic Pets, Social Media and Pet-Friendly Vacation Destinations

It's Friday, once again! Enjoy this day (or just try to make it to the end all in one piece) and take a moment to stay current on all the latest pet travel news...

A new study shows that dogs are similar to infants in terms of the way they interpret human behavior.

Do you use social media to document life with your pets?

This guy says that traveling with dogs can be easy.

What can we learn from reading about pets in the news?

General travel tidbits: the hottest destinations for 2012.

Is your pet psychic?

We already know that microchips can make finding lost pets easier, but here's an example of a child staying safe because her dog was properly ID'd.

In the wake of the UK pet import changes, travelers are discovering lots of new pet-friendly and accessible destinations.

Reba belongs to Sarah, one of our Pet Relocation Specialists. This is her first time in the snow!


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