Pet Travel Lessons: 10 Things We Learned About Pet Travel in 2012

Can you believe that 2012 is almost over? As the new year approaches it's natural to reflect on the events of the last few months, lingering on the highlights and also calculating what lessons have been learned.

The world of pet travel has certainly offered plenty of opportunities for better understanding and growth, as things are always moving and changing.

Read on to find some of the top stories from our year—they should come in handy for pet travelers moving forward into 2013.


1. Pet safety Tips Inspired by Hurricane Sandy


2. Seeking Safety in the Skies: How to Minimize the Risks of Pet Travel


3. The Third Annual Summer Pet Travel Survey


4. Don't Rush It: Why It's Smart to Allow at least 30 Days to Plan a Pet Move


5. How to Mentally Prepare for Pet Travel: Be Flexible


6. Quick Tips for Safe Summer Pet Shipping


7. Seeking Help with a Pet Move: The Top Reasons People Hire Pet Transport Services


8. How to Prepare for an International Pet Move: Official USDA Information


9. The Five Most Frequently Asked Pet Travel Questions


10. Relocating Pets in a Digital World: Making Good Use of Social Media


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