Pet Travel News: British Airways Summer Embargo Update

Though it's still pretty hot in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere (we're scorched here in Austin, TX), summer's end is in sight. That means that airlines will soon begin to lift their summer embargoes affecting pet travel, and as usual we will work to keep you updated.

We've just heard that British Airways has announced the dates for when it will lift its embargoes in a few US cities, but remember that all locations along the route must be experiencing temperatures less than 85 degrees in order for pets to fly. This is a year-round policy and temperatures are assessed daily.

For future reference, however, here's the tentative schedule for when British Airways will resume normal pet cargo transportation operations in select cities:

  • IAH and DFW: Embargo will lift on September 15

  • LAS: Embargo will lift on October 21

  • PHX: Embargo will lift on October 23

  • DEN: Embargo will lift on September 16


*If you're planning a pet flight through any of these cities and want to avoid the embargo, it's best to wait until at least the day after the day listed above to schedule your pet's flight.

Please contact PetRelocation if you have any questions about how to plan a safe and efficient pet move. Happy traveling, everyone!



PetRelocation Team




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