Pet Travel News: Edinburgh Airport Can Receive Pets Directly

A new policy is about to make life easier for a number of travelers by allowing pet owners to fly their pets directly into Scotland. Previously, animals going to the UK could only be received through London or Manchester, but now dogs, cats, and ferrets flying under the EU Pet Travel Scheme can land in in Edinburgh directly.

Extrordinair, a freight forwarding company, is the group behind this expansion. Here's what the managing director had to say:

"Our new facility at Edinburgh Airport means that animals flying into Scotland can be reunited with their owners within hours of touchdown, provided that they have a valid Pet Passport or EU third country Health Certificate and comply with DEFRA regulations."

We recently discussed how Scotland is a pretty pet-friendly place, and this change should come as excellent news to all the pet travelers who will be returning to Scotland with a pet or checking this destination out for the first time.

Read more about this convenient new addition to the services at the Edinburgh airport, and please contact with any questions about pet travel -- Scottish or otherwise.




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