Pet Travel News: Happy Fourth of July!

Before the festivites of the weekend begin, take a look at the top pet travel news of the last week. Happy 4th, everyone!

-Why do dogs bark so much? It could have something to do with how human interactions have shaped them over the years. Find out more about our best friends' (sometimes annoying) behavior.

-San Francisco tends to march to the beat of a different drummer in terms of legislation, and now it seems they're considering a ban on pet sales in the city.

-We often hear about travel delays caused by weather, mechanical malfunction and even volcanic ash, but on Wednesday a bunch of turtles on a JFK runway managed to bring operations to a halt. 

-People like tennis player Novac Djokovic have reason to look hopefully to the future now that the UK is relaxing its pet import rules by falling in line with standard EU procedures. The Wimbledon participant was unable to bring his pet poodle Pierre to the tournament with him this week (which made him sad), but next year he might be able to a little more easily. Find out more about changes to the UK Pet Travel Scheme.

-Whatever you end up doing this weekend, remember that your pets need you to watch out for them. Loud noises, hot weather and unfamiliar surroundings have the potential to cause trouble, so take a look at our Five Ways to Keep Pets Safe This Fourth of July.

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