Pet Travel News Links: DIY Dog Toys, Pet-Friendly Travel and More

It's a rainy day here in Austin, but that's not dampening the excitement for SXSW! Are you in town for the festivities? Whether you are or not, have a great day and an excellent weekend (and enjoy these pet news links).


Another good one from NPR. Pet Therapy: How Animals and Humans Heal Each Other.

Abu Dhabi is becoming friendlier to pet travelers all the time.

On a budget but still want to spoil your pet? Ten DIY dog toys you can make on the cheap.

More about Dog Vacay, a service connecting pet sitters to vacationing pet owners.

The Brooklyn Mutt Show is a cool alternative to Westminster (are you surprised that Brooklyn would do something like this?).

What to do and where to begin: 5 FAQs of Pet Travel.

Cool dog video!

Continental and United have officially merged; find out what this means for pet travel.


Nope, not a cheetah. This is Xavier, an F1 Savannah.


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