Pet Travel News: Lufthansa Cargo Aims For Steady Expansion

Choosing a pet friendly airline is one of the most important components of planning a safe and smooth pet move. We have a few carriers that we primarily use for the relocations we handle, and among them is German airline Lufthansa.

In addition to transporting thousands of human passengers each year, Lufthansa is also known for its Frankfurt Animal Lounge. This 4,000 square meter facility allows traveling animals to transit and board (if necessary) under the care of expert professionals. Lufthansa Cargo is recognizing the fifth anniversary of the Animal Lounge and celebrating over 30 years of experience transporting animals. Though clearly a standout service provider in the realm of pet travel, we're glad to hear that Lufthansa plans to continue to improve and innovate in the future.

Here's an excerpt from a recent Lufthansa Cargo announcement regarding specific horse travel updates as well as an overall goal to keep expanding their pet offerings:

"But we are not resting on our laurels, of course. Instead, we continue to work on getting better and better for you and your animals. We have just introduced a new horse container that offers 20 centimeter more space on the side. Rather than aluminum, the containers are made of special plastic materials to better protect your horses from heat and cold. This is yet another contribution to making sure your animals are in good hands with Live/td - today and in the future."

We'll keep you updated as Lufthansa and other airlines improve and add pet services and pet friendly routes (United recently made a couple of pet travel expansion announcements). Such news is always welcome to us, and we're guessing you feel the same way.

Happy pet traveling, everyone!


PetRelocation Team




United States, Germany
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