Pet Travel News Update: EU Pet Travel Rules Relaxed

On Monday European Union lawmakers ruled to relax restrictions on the movement of pets by removing the five pet per person limit that has been in place for years. If owners can prove their animals will participate in an exhibition, sporting event, or competition and have the proper documentation, they may now move freely between EU Member States with several pets at a time.

Until now, dogs, cats and ferrets with microchips and updated rabies vaccines have been able to travel fairly easily as part of the EU Pet Passport system, and this new expansion of the law aims to make life even easier for EU member pet owners. It also shows that the past laws have been successful in terms of controlling rabies and keeping pet travel a smooth process.

Will this new law affect you? Do you think it signals an overall positive change in the world of pet travel? Read more about the new EU pet rules here, please contact PetRelocation with your pet travel questions, and feel free to tell us what you think in the comments below.



PetRelocation Team




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