Pet Travel Q&A: Cat Travel Within the EU

Hi PetRelocation,

What documentation and travel will I need to get my cat from the UK to Germany? Will she need to be quarantined as well?

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Hi Storm,

Thanks for reaching out! We'd be happy to help with some information.

First, traveling within the EU is a pretty straightforward process and there is no quarantine to worry about provided you meet all the requirements. Here's a look at the rules via the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture website.

Note that it's easier to leave the UK with a pet to go to another country (like Germany) than it is to enter the UK.

Here is some general pet travel information that may help you prepare with your travels and, if your cat is not used to spending time in a travel kennel, a few tips to help with cat crate training.

If you're interested in finding out more about our door-to-door pet travel services, contact us for a consultation here.

Hope this helps! Just let us know if we can be of further assistance.



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Name: Storm
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Pet Type: Cat
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To: Germany


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