Pet Travel Q&A: Traveling to New Zealand With Pets From Non-Approved Countries

Hi PetRelocation,

I am living in Thailand and want to take my cat to the United Kingdom, stay there for six months, and then take him to New Zealand. I know the requirements for the UK and that he has to stay there for 180 days before being allowed into New Zealand.

My question though, is after the 180 days with all documents, the passport, and all up-to-date vaccines, would he then be allowed a stopover in Thailand before traveling to New Zealand for a couple of months or would that make the 180 days invalid?



Hi Damian,
Thank you for your question! New Zealand's pet import rules are certainly complicated and far stricter than most other countries.
It sounds like you're on the right track as far as completing your trip, however, as you have a good plan for handling the process to move from a non-approved country.
Per your question, once you go to the United Kingdom with your cat, you will need to stay there until you travel to New Zealand. Going back to Thailand would negate the work you've done already as far as establishing that your cat meets the requirements to enter a rabies-free country.
Take a look at the move story of a cat we recently helped move to New Zealand (this may help answer additional questions and/or help you build better peace of mind).
Hopefully this information is helpful! Please let us know if you need assistance and good luck with your move.
Pet Travel Details:
Name: Damian
Estimated Move Date: December 2016
Reason: Work
Departure: London via Bangkok
Arrival: Auckland
Pet: Bombay Cat, 4 kg, 10 years old


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