Pet Travel Question: Bringing A Dog To Germany

Name: Jeannine
From: San Francisco, California, USA
To: Munich, Germany
Pet: Willow, Chihuahua, 6 years, 8 pounds

Hello, I was wondering what I need to get for my dog to travel with me to Germany? We are going only to visit for 10 days. I hear conflicting information as to what she needs. She has a microchip already that has 15 digits, does she need an additional chip? She received a rabies shot exactly 30 days prior to travel, and when does the form ANNEX II form need to be filled out? I hear a lot of conflicting information and I'm trying to get everything in place for a safe, easy travel.

Hi Jeannine,
Thanks for the question! To get started, take a look at the pet import requirements for Germany. You'll see here that, among other things, you need an internationally recognized microchip and the International Health Certificate does need to be filled out within 10 days of departure. While we often move pets from the US to Germany, many people in your position may decide that the cost and stress of pet travel simply isn't worth it if it's just for a quick vacation and not a permanent move. Often pets are much happier when they're left with a trusted pet sitter, but of course the decision is up to you and we're happy to offer our advice.
Hopefully this information is helpful! Please contact us if you need further assistance or if you'd like to get a free quote for our services. Good luck!



PetRelocation Team




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