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We will be traveling with out fur babies next month as we relocate back to the States. I was hoping to have them in the cabin with us, but I think that they need to be under the plane simply because they seem a little too cramped in the cabin sized crate.

Is there a way for them to fly in the same crate together? I am very worried about them stressing and I think that if they were together it may help a bit.

Thank you!


Hi Kristi,

Like many aspects of pet air travel, regulations about shipping two pets in the same crate can be confusing to decipher. For a little clarity, take a look at this post where we answer the question: Can two pets travel in one crate when flying? You'll see that placing both of your cats in the same kennel probably isn't allowed (and really isn't advised).

According to the IATA website:

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal Welfare Act (AWA) states that "no more than two live puppies or kittens, 8 weeks to 6 months of age, that are of comparable size and weighing 20 lb. (9 kg) or less each, may be transported in the same primary enclosure via air carrier." This is a good practice to follow for all animal shipments, no matter what country they are traveling in.

Even if your cats do meet the above description, remember that ultimately the airline has final say over whether or not your cats will be able to fly together, so call your airline directly and ask them what they allow.

During the summer months especially, airlines' number one concern should be the safety of your pets. Having multiple pets in one crate reduces free space, which means that your kitties might not have enough room for proper ventilation. Because of this and other safety and comfort concerns, we generally avoid shipping multiple pets in a single crate.

Since you're worried about your cats being nervous, we recommend working to crate train them as much as possible as you prepare for the move and remember that sedation is not allowed (nor is it safe).

Thanks for your question and good luck with your trip! If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us.


Pet Travel Question Details:

Name: Kristi
Number of Pets: Two
Pet Type: Cats
Pet Breed: Domestic
From: Germany
To: Washington, USA


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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in July 2013 and has been updated with new information.


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