Pet Travel Question: Can Pets Fly Separately From The Pet Owners?

Name: Chelsea
Number of Pets: 2
Pet Type: Dog, Cat
Pet Breed: Lab/Whippet mix, Tabby
From: US
To: Spain

I am moving to Spain in the next few months, but how do I have my pets sent after I've already left, and how long will they be held when they arrive in Spain? Also what exactly do I need to do to get them ready and what papers do I need to fill out? Approximately how much does moving pets cost?




Hi Chelsea,

Thanks for the question. Many people end up needing to travel to their new home ahead of their pets, and most of the pet moves we arrange entail the pets flying separately from their owners. What you'll need to do is either enlist a friend to keep your dog and cat for you and then bring them to the airport, etc, or more likely, you'll want to hire some professional pet moving help.

These are the pet import requirements for Spain. There is no quarantine, but as you can see there are several preparations to attend to and the pets will need to clear customs upon arrival. If you're interested in finding out an estimate for our door-to-door services (we could also arrange boarding if you need to leave a few days before your pets), please fill out our free quote form.

We look forward to hearing from you!



PetRelocation Team




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