Pet Travel Question: Driving with Cats

Name: Stephanie
From: Vancouver
To: BC
Pets: Two cats (domestic short hair)

I will be relocating from Vancouver to Toronto and need to drive across the country with my two cats. I may be traveling through the US and wondering what I need to cross the border with them, as well as if you have any other tips and tricks? Thanks very much!

Hi Stephanie,

If you'll be crossing the US/Canada border, it's a good idea to brush up on the US pet import requirements and the Canada pet import requirements. Beyond that, we recommend helping your cats grow accustomed to car rides/travel crates if they aren't already (it helps to take several quick trips during the weeks leading up to the trip, for example), and be sure to bring all necessary paperwork as well as any medications, supplies and current photos.

Good luck with your travels, and please contact us if you have any more questions!


PetRelocation Team




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