Pet Travel Question: Exporting a Cat from Bangladesh

Name: Marna
From: Dhaka, Bangladesh
To: Barcelona, Spain
Pet: Cat

We moved to Bangladesh in March 2011 and took our cat with us - now we have to go back to Spain and want to take the cat again. It is so difficult to get the right information here in Bangladesh. We have a passport and a microchip as well as all vaccinations. We know that the vet has to fill in some paper but it is not clear for us if we just can bring the cat into Spain again without any problems - and also not clear if we can get the cat out from Bangladesh.


Hi Marna,

Here are the pet import requirements for Spain. Among other things, you'll need to make sure your rabies vaccination is still up to date, and you'll need to obtain an international health certificate within ten days of departure. Remember to choose a pet-friendly airline, and don't hesitate to contact us if you need anything else. Happy traveling!


PetRelocation Team




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