Pet Travel Question: Exporting Cats from Tanzania

Name: Marie
From: Dar Es Sallam, Tanzania
To: Birmingham, England
Pet: Sululu, Cat, 3 months old

I would like to bring my kitten to the UK from Tanzania this year. Is this feasible, and how and what do I need to do? I heard I can take him as hand luggage... is this true?


Hi Marie,

Thanks for your question. These are the pet import requirements for the UK, which were actually recently relaxed to reflect standard EU requirements. It's a good idea to start doing some research now to find out about specific airline requirements, so check with the airlines you're considering and ask about pet policies (in our experience there can be vast differences in how pet-friendly various airlines are).

Good luck with everything, and please contact us if you have more questions or if you'd like some help handling your move.


PetRelocation Team




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