Pet Travel Question: Exporting Pets from New Zealand

From: Tracey
From: Wellington, New Zealand
To: Tampa, Florida
Pets: Lace - dog, age 5; Chazy - cat, age 4; Rusty - Female spayed cat, age 4

Question: How much will it be to move them from NZ to Florida? What papers and quarantine is required? Will it hurt them to fly such a long distance, and do they get sedated? Would I get to see them on stops? Can they go on the same plane as us?
Hi Tracey,
Thanks for getting in touch with us about your move! Here are the pet import requirements for the United States. You'll need to secure a few basic health documents, but no quarantine is required for standard entry to the United States. International relocations definitely require serious planning, but by doing the research and allowing yourselves plenty of time, it's possible to carry out a smooth move.
We strongly advise against using sedatives, and emphasize the importance of choosing a pet-friendly airline. Long  trips can definitely be taxing, but they can also be safe if handled with care. Usually our clients are not flying on the same plane as their pets, but again, with the right airline and when the details have been attended to, this is perfectly safe. We'd be happy to further advise you, and you're also welcome to peruse our blog for more information.
Please contact us if you have any more questions, and if you're interested in our services you can fill out our free quote form. We look forward to hearing from you!


PetRelocation Team




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