Pet Travel Question: Ferrets and Cats to Canada

Name: Ewan
From: Melbourne, Australia
To: Vancouver, BC
Pets: Chimaira (ferret, 3yrs),  Kublai (ferret, 2yrs), Pirate (ferret, 3.5yrs), Nightwish (cat, domestic longhair)

Just to make things complicated we want to bring most of our pets with us when we move to Canada in about 18 months (planning way way ahead). Are you able to tell me how much this is likely to cost us? Also, it is my understanding that while cats are fairly easy to import, ferrets need an import certificate - is this correct? If we use a pet travel service do they organise the import permits? Could the ferrets all travel in one container to lower the associated costs and to limit stress on them? They are all friendly with each other apart from the occasional overzealous play fight. We love them :)
Hi Ewan,
Thanks for contacting us with your question. Of course you want to bring your pets with you when you move... totally understandable! These are the pet import requirements for Canada -- specifically here's what the official website says about cats and ferrets.
As far as costs, it will depend on a few factors. If you decide to hire some help (you can fill out our free quote form to see about that, for example), it will be more than if you handle it yourself, but there will still be vet visits, paperwork, plane tickets, etc. to take care of. Generally multiple pets are not allowed to travel in the same crate, but you can contact the airline to find out about any specific policies they may have.
Please don't hesitate to call us if you'd like to speak to a Pet Relocation Specialist. Hope this helps get you off to a good start, and good luck with everything!


PetRelocation Team




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