Pet Travel Question: Flying a Dog from Hawaii to DC

Name: Sally
From: Kailua, Kona, HI
To: Washington, DC
Pet: Oreo, mixed breed, 50 lbs

Is it possible to fly our dog to DC from Hawaii? How are animals transported over long distances without stops to go to the bathroom? I would hate to leave our dog behind, but I can't imagine her being in a crate for 12+ hours. One time our flight was delayed and we were traveling for 24 hours. How do people do it?


Hi Sally,

Thanks for the question! We've moved many dogs in and out of Hawaii, and while it is a long trip, it's possible to carry out safely. (We find that pets are generally surprisingly resilient). Here is some information about the pet import requirements for the United States, and for long trips we do recommend putting something absorbent into the bottom of the crate (an old towel or bathmat, shredded newspaper, etc.). If you'd like an estimate for our door-to-door services, here is the link to our free quote form.

Good luck with your pet travels, and please let us know if you have any more questions!


PetRelocation Team




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