Pet Travel Question: Flying Pets to Hungary and Back

Name: Eric
From: Los Angeles, CA, USA
To: Budapest, Hungary
Pets: LuLu (Dog, Terrier Mix, 25 lbs) & Zato (Cat, Domestic House Cat, 5 lbs)

Zato could travel in the cabin with us, but we would like to see if LuLu can as well. LuLu is just a little too big for our under-the-seat carrier, is there a way to buy a seat for her rather than put her in the hold? Other than that, we need the usual info on the usual requirements for pets going to Hungary and back. I got a quote for the door-to-door service and it is prohibitively expensive (thousands of dollars). We will be in Hungary for eight months.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for the question! Here are the pet import requirements for moving pets to Hungary as well as the US import requirements for when you return. Many people feel nervous about flying their pets in the cargo hold, but if you choose a pet-friendly airline this is a safe option (we do it all the time). It's also understandable that you've found pet travel to exceed your budget. Here's an explanation of the costs of pet travel as well as a few tips for keeping pet travel expenses under control.

Please contact if you have any more questions, and good luck with your trip!


PetRelocation Team




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