Pet Travel Question: Getting ready for international pet travel

Name: Ash
From: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
To: Toronto, Canada

Pets: Ruby Female Black English Cocker Spaniel, Four years old

I am planning to take my dog to Canada and then to Australia. She has never taken a flight before, so I'm not sure how she is going to react. I've heard stories about missed connections, etc., so I am interested in taking a direct flight from Delhi. It's a 15-hour flight, so I'm nervous about how she'll handle it. Will they allow me to go and check on her during the flight?


Hi Ash,

Thanks for submitting a question to us, your concerns are definitely understandable. First, here are the pet import requirements for Canada and the pet important requirements for Australia. Be aware that Australia has quarantine restrictions that will require plenty of pre-planning.

To help you wrap your brain around this upcoming trip, here are a few tips for keeping calm before a pet move as well as a few common misconceptions about pet travel. Most people believe that it's better to take a direct flight, for example, but in fact it's generally a good idea to break up a pet flight into a few parts to allow for them to take a comfort break. If your dog is flying in the cargo area (which she probably will be) you will not be able to check on her (read more about cargo/cabin pet travel on our blog).

Please contact us if you have any more questions or if you'd like a free quote for our pet relocation services. Good luck and happy travels!


PetRelocation Team




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