Pet Travel Question: ‘How do Pets Fly?’

Name: Greer
From: United States
To: Lima, Peru
Pet: Mixed Breed, Canine, 75 pounds

How do the pets travel? Is there any service where they do not have to travel with the baggage?

Hi Greer,

Thank you for your question; hopefully we can shed some light on how pets travel by air. When you choose a pet-friendly airline, flying your dog in the cargo area is a safe option. This area of the plane is climate and pressure-controlled, and pet crates are secured and kept separated from the luggage. Again, this is IF you do a little homework and are able to choose an airline that places a priority on pet travel. As an example, Continental has a "last-on, first-off" policy with pets so that they're not subjected to extreme temperatures or exposure on the tarmac.

Please let us know if you have any more questions, and for your further information, here are the pet import requirements for Peru.


PetRelocation Team




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