Pet Travel Question: How Many Pets Can You Bring to Germany?

Name: Jacki
Number of Pets: 7
Pet Type: 5 cats, 2 dogs
Pet Breed: 5 cats, 1 Lab mix dog, 1 Shepherd mix dog
From: Illinois, USA
To: Germany

I read somewhere that each person is allowed to bring five cats or dogs into Germany. I was wondering if that is true? My husband and I are moving to Germany in December and I am aware that you are only allowed two cats or dogs in on-post housing, but I was wondering if it is true that we can bring five pets each into the country. We will just get off-post housing if that is the case.


Hi Jacki,

In regards to importing pets to Germany, currently up to five animals can be imported per person (it's a good idea to check with the airline you'll be using to make sure this is feasible, however).

Here's another helpful resource to review, and please contact us if you have any more questions! Moving can be stressful (especially with several pets in tow), and is happy to help where we can.


PetRelocation Team




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