Pet Travel Question - How to Stay Calm Before an International Move

Name: Meaghan
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Boston Terrier
From: Boston
To: London

I am relocating to the UK and I am of course very concerned for the safety of my dog. Are there certain airline carriers that you prefer over others? -Meaghan

Hi Meaghan!

Thanks for submitting a question to us. It's completely natural that you feel concerned about your dog's welfare -- we understand that international moves can be stressful! To start, here are a few tips for how to keep calm before a pet relocation.

Some airlines are more pet-friendly than others, and we do have preferred carriers. For European trips, we often use Lufthansa or KLM. Please spend some time on our website and blog, as the tips and information you'll find here might help put your mind at ease.

You're also welcome to contact us at your convenience. Someone from our team of Pet Relocation Specialists would be happy to advise you about your pet move to the UK. Again, it's normal to feel anxious, but with the correct preparations, pet travel can go smoothly.

Good luck with everything, Meaghan, and keep in touch!


PetRelocation Team




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