Pet Travel Question: Importing Pets to the US from Rabies-Free Countries

Name: John-Morten
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Border Terrier
From: Norway
To: Houston, Texas


Norway is a rabies-free country. The dog has a passport. What else do we need to import him to Texas? We plan to fly with KLM through Amsterdam.




Hi John-Morten,

Thanks for your question. Luckily, moving pets to the United states is a relatively simple process. Take a look at the pet import requirements for the United States. You'll notice that in most cases, the US requires an International Health Certificate and proof of Rabies vaccination. However, because Norway is a Rabies-free country, you do not need to have your dog vaccinated against Rabies. Thus, you will only need to acquire an International Health Certificate issued by your vet within 10 days of your dog's flight.

Though the US does not require microchips, we always recommend that pets have a microchip implanted before international travel. Additionally, your dog will need an airline-approved travel crate, if he doesn't already have one.

It sounds like you are on the right track to a successful pet move, but if you have any additional questions about pet transport please don't hesitate to contact us. Good luck with your move!


PetRelocation Team




United States
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