Pet Travel Question: Italy Requirements

Name: Debbie
Number of Pets: One
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Goldendoodle
From: West Virginia
To: Italy

I have a client that wants to get a puppy from me and wants me to send it to Italy. I have been trying to find out what is required.

1) I have found that the dog must have a Rabies shot (so I will need to keep the pup until 12 weeks for that).
2) Then I found out the dog cannot fly until 30 days after the rabies shot (so we're now at 16 weeks).
3) I have found out that the dog must have a 15 digit micro-chip.
4) I have found out we do need an international health certificate.
5) have heard that the dog needs a form called the 998 - is that the same as the international health certificate? If not, where do I get that form?
6) Also I heard that someone would need to translate all the info - is that true?
7) Is there anything else I need to know to get the pup to Italy?


Hi Debbie,

Here are the pet import requirements for Italy. You're certainly on the right track with the above information; as you can see, you need a rabies vaccine and certificate, microchip and health certificate (which is the EU 998 and can be downloaded from our site).

Give us a call
if you have any more questions, and good luck with everything!


PetRelocation Team




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