Pet Travel Question: Moving a Dog to Latvia

Name: Dana
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Bichon Frise
From: United States
To: Latvia

I am planning on traveling to Latvia in late July/early August. I have a layover in Finland, and I will be at max spending two hours there. Do I have to get my dog "inspected" there or in my final destination? Also, my dog has a HomeAgain microchip, and is up to date on his rabies. What else do I need? How do I obtain the health certificates that I need? I am flying with Finnair.

Thank You,

Hi Dana,

Thanks for contacting us with your question! In terms of layovers, unless you're spending more than 48 hours there, you generally don't need to meet the entry requirements for that country. Beyond that, here are the pet import requirements for Latvia to give you an idea of what you'll need to do to move your dog. Regarding the health certificate, you can find the health certificate -- the APHIS 7001 form -- on our site.

Take a look at all of this and let us know if you have any more questions, Dana! Good luck!


PetRelocation Team




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