Pet Travel Question: Moving a Dog to Norway

Name: Taylor
From: Kansas City, Kansas
To: Oslo, Norway
Pet: Maverick, Dog, American Eskimo, Male, 5 years old

I was wondering what your advice is for traveling with a larger dog. Maverick weighs around 40 lbs, so he cannot be in the cabin. What is the best airline to take? My sister recently moved to Norway to be with her fiance, and me and my mother are going to visit her, and she asked us to bring her dog. We cannot seem to find any information on any airline websites regarding pet travel. Can you give me a general idea of the cost?

Thanks so much,

Hi Taylor,

Thanks for submitting a question to us. First of all, here are the pet import requirements for Norway. We definitely recommend starting the process well in advance of your date of departure, and it's very important to choose a pet-friendly airline. We often use KLM and Lufthansa for international pet travel.

Take a look at our blog for more information about cabin vs. cargo travel and common pet travel misconceptions (most people assume that cabin travel is better, but when orchestrated correctly cargo travel is actually safe and even preferable). Hopefully you find this information helpful!

Please contact us if you have any more questions, Taylor, and good luck with your trip!


PetRelocation Team




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