Pet Travel Question: Moving a Dog to the Philippines

Name: Arlene
From: Honolulu, Hawaii
To: Manila, Philippines
Pet: Angel, a nine-year-old Japanese Spitz. She's around 20 lbs.

Will she go to quarantine in the Philippines? Do I need to get a passport for her? Also, I wonder if she'll be able to survive the very hot weather in the Philippines since she has a very thick coat.


Hi Arlene,

Here are the pet import requirements for the Philippines. If you secure these basic documents there should not be a quarantine. As for life with pets in the Philippines, we recommend doing plenty of research before you go. Find out about living conditions (will you have a yard, etc.), look at weather trends, and reach out to local vets and expats to find out how dog-friendly your destination will be. Good luck with everything!


PetRelocation Team




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