Pet Travel Question: Moving Abroad with Cats

Name: Kerry
From: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
To: Lima, Peru
Pets: Two Cats (Tiger and Trouble)

From what I understand this is going to require a lot of planning, so I wanted to start as early as possible. I have read conflicting information and would like to clarify exactly what is required of me to make this move with my cats. Will they be quarantined? As a teacher I am flexible and able to go to almost any country, so any suggestions of what country would be easiest and safest to travel to with my cats would be greatly appreciated.  I am worried about my cats being a bit on the older side and that one of them is overweight. I am unsure if this will make the move more dangerous.


Hi Kerry,

Thank you for submitting a question to us! You're right that pet travel requires plenty of planning, and getting an early start is definitely a smart idea. When moving older pets or those with delicate dispositions, first of all it's important to talk to your vet about whether or not they're healthy enough for the trip, and if they're not, to try to see about how you can improve their health by helping them lose weight, etc.

Second, it's important to choose a pet-friendly airline with established pet policies (we often fly with KLM, Lufthansa and Continental). Beyond that, spend some time researching the various pet import requirements for the countries on your list (here are the import requirement for Peru). Places like Australia and Singapore have quarantines, but others are less strict.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any more questions or if you'd like some help planning your move when the time comes. Good luck!


PetRelocation Team




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