Pet Travel Question: Moving (Again) With Cats

Name: Kim
Number of Pets: Two
Pet Type: Cats
Pet Breed: Calico
From: Germany
To: United States

We moved our cats from United States to Germany two years ago. We are now moving back to the United States. Is there any additional paperwork we need from Germany to bring the cats back into the United States?



Hi Kim,

Thanks for your question. Since you've moved before you're off to a great start -- the experience won't be as nerve-racking as it is for some people who view pet travel as a pretty mysterious endeavor. Take a look at the pet import requirements for the United States to make sure you're ready to go, however. Basically you'll need proof of updated rabies vaccines and a health certificate.

Please contact us if you have more questions, and good luck!


PetRelocation Team




United States, Germany
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