Pet Travel Question: Moving Cats to Australia

Name: Alexandra
Number of Pets: 5
Pet Type: Cats
Pet Breed: 3 tabbies, 1 torby, 1 birman
From: US
To: Australia

We're considering a move to Australia. All of our cats have been strictly indoors their whole lives, are microchipped, and have all vaccinations up to date.

Would they still require quarantine? If so, can they be quarantined in our home?


Hi Alexandra,

Thanks for contacting us! Moving pets to Australia is definitely a big endeavor, so we'd be happy to help you figure it out.

These are the requirements for importing cats to Australia from the United States. As you can see, there is a quarantine requirement for this situation (check the official AQIS site for more information). Pet owners are often nervous about putting their pets in quarantine, but in reality these facilities sound much scarier than they really are.

Check out our blog for more info about Australia pet quarantines, and please let us know if you have any more questions! When handled correctly, your cats will enjoy a safe experience and will be home with you before you know it. Good luck!


PetRelocation Team




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