Pet Travel Question: Moving Cats to Dubai

Name: Des
From: South Africa
To: Dubai
Pets: Four cats

We are looking at the option of moving to Dubai for three years with my fiance's company job opportunity, and my biggest concern that would make me not want to go would be that our pets would be uncomfortable to do the move. How long would we have to to be in quarantine here in SA and in Dubai?

As our one female, the older one, always tends to get sick if we place them in a cattery when we go away, we have now had to get a sitter at our home to look after them and then she's fine.

Hi Des,
Thanks for the question! These are the pet import requirements for Dubai. If you meet these basic rules as outlined, there will not be a quarantine. As far as making the flight as smooth as you can for the cats, it's important to choose a pet-friendly airline with established safety policies. Helping the cats get used to their travel crates as well as possible beforehand will also make the trip easier on them.
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PetRelocation Team




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