Pet Travel Question: Moving Pets to Finland

Name: Katri
Number of Pets: 2
Pet Type: Dog and Cat
Pet Breed: LabraDoodle
From: USA
To: Finland

Is the United States a high incidence rabies country? Are my pets required to stay for four months at the vets? The info is so confusing and I can't figure it out :(




Hi Katri,

Thanks for your question! It's perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed at the beginning of a pet move, and we're happy to provide some information.

These are the pet import requirements for Finland. If you meet these requirements there will be no quarantine, and we advise that you allow some time for the planning and vet visits needed to fulfill everything. If you have any questions about these procedures or anything else related to pet travel, please contact us.

Thanks again, and good luck!



PetRelocation Team




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