Pet Travel Question: Moving Pets to Portugal

Name: Mariette
Number of Pets: Four
Pet Type: Two Dogs and Two Cats
Pet Breed: Registered Labrador (Golden And Black), Registered Himalayan Persian
From: South Africa
To: Portugal

I have two sons, ages 9 and 15, and there is no way any of us can leave our pets behind. The dogs are two years old and are members of the family. I know we are crazy to relocate with pets, but please help us with all the requirements.

They are all pedigree pets and registered and vaccinated etc. How are we to go about this? What do you do first? Is there quarantine in Portugal? (Please say no.)

Thanks for helping,

Hi Mariette!

Thanks for coming to us with your question. You have many valid concerns, and we'll be happy to give you an idea of what it will take to move your pets.

First of all, we certainly don't consider it "crazy" to relocate your pets! Many people (including everyone here at consider pets to be members of the family, so of course you'd want to bring them with you when you move.

Here are the pet import requirements for Portugal. Luckily there is no quarantine, but there are a few documents and vaccines that you'll need to attend to in order to enter the country smoothly. Take a look at these, check in with your vet well in advance of the move, and start researching pet-friendly airlines. This can all seem overwhelming, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you'd like some help planning and carrying out your move!

Good luck and keep in touch, Mariette!


PetRelocation Team




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