Pet Travel Question: Moving Pets to South Korea

Name: Jennifer
Number of Pets: Three
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Cocker Spaniels
From: USA
To: South Korea

I am thinking of moving to South Korea. I have heard that there is a way to bring your pets when traveling internationally without having to put them in quarantine in the new country. Is this true? What would I have to do? Also is there a limit of how many pets can be brought? I have three dogs and nobody will be left behind!!




Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for your question -- of course you don't want to leave anyone behind! The import requirements for moving pets to South Korea are set to change Dec. 1, so it's more than likely you'll need to follow these rules. As for the other part of your question, current requirements state that four animals are allowed to be imported at once. It's always wise to double check information like this with the proper authorities, however. Here's the official site and another resource that might be helpful.

Take a look at all of this and please let us know if you have any questions or if you'd like some help. International pet travel can certainly be stressful and tough to figure out sometimes. Good luck!



PetRelocation Team




United States
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