Pet Travel Question: Moving to New Zealand

Name: Jason
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Schnauzer
From: Shanghai, China
To: Auckland, New Zealand


I am hoping to move to New Zealand later this year, but I understand that New Zealand does not allow direct import of dogs from China at all, and that my dog would have to go to an approved country, like Hong Kong, for six months beforehand. Our dog has rabies jabs.

Can you confirm the situation with exporting a dog from China to NZ?


Hi Jason,

Thanks for contacting you with your question! According to the official New Zealand Pet Import Requirements, you cannot bring your dog directly from China. Take a look at the full list of rules and requirements on their official site, and then please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions (we also outlined a few New Zealand import changes on our blog yesterday).

PetRelocation has helped to arrange many moves similar to this one, and we'd be happy to advise you. Good luck, and hope to hear from you soon!


PetRelocation Team




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