Pet Travel Question: Pet Flights to Manchester

Name: Denise

From: Orlando, Florida

To: Manchester, England

Pet: Hershey (Three-year-old Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix)

Which airlines have direct flights to Manchester, England? Which airlines are trustworthy and are familiar with pet travel? Hershey, has been vaccinated , microchipped, and has had a complete medical 'overhaul' by the vet!



Hi Denise,


Great question! We do have a few particular airlines that we prefer to travel with based on their pet-friendly policies, and it just so happens that, beginning on May 1, United will be adding a flight from Dulles to Manchester that accommodates pets as well.


Hopefully this will work for you… Please take a look at all the UK pet import requirements and give us a call (or contact us for a free quote) if you have any more questions.


Good luck, and thanks for checking in!



PetRelocation Team




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