Pet Travel Question: Relocating Cats to Norway

Name: Shelly
Number of Pets: 2
Pet Type: Cats
Pet Breed: Persian
From: Texas, USA
To: Stavanger, Norway

My husband may be relocated to Norway, can we take our pets with us? I checked online for all the information and then called an airline company who told me no, however, that is not what I am finding when doing research online...


Hi Shelly,

Here are the pet import requirements for Norway -- as you can see it's not the easiest place to relocate a pet, but it should be possible. Take a look at these rules and please let us know if you have questions about them! We'd also be happy to offer a quote for our services if you're interested in enlisting our help.

We often discuss the importance of using pet-friendly airlines. Lufthansa and KLM are our frequent choices for European travel.

Good luck with your move and thanks for the question!


PetRelocation Team




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