Pet Travel Question: Shipping Rabbits to Hawaii

rabbitTransporting Rabbits to Hawaii

Hi PetRelocation,

I know what has to be done in order for my dog to be allowed, but I'm not sure about my bunnies. Can rabbits be brought into Hawaii?




Hi Kym,

Thanks for the question! There are a few different rules to consider when it comes to importing pets to Hawaii, but it should be possible if all the requirements are met.

Here is some information we found about importing rabbits according to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture. It looks like you don't need an import permit but you do need a health certificate issued within 7 days of their arrival in Honolulu. 

Please contact us if you'd like some assistance handling your move, Kym. We've helped many rabbits travel safely (including Amber, who moved from Japan to the United States), and we'd be happy to help you, too. 

Thanks again and good luck with your travels!

Pet Travel Question Details:

Pet Travel Name: Kym
Number of Pets: 3
Pet Type: 1 dog, 2 rabbits
Pet Breed: One Australian Blue Heeler, Two Dwarf Lop Eared Rabbits
From: California
To: Maui, Hawaii

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in March 2011 and has been updated with new information.


PetRelocation Team





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