Pet Travel Question: Taking a Road Trip… With Birds?

Name: Margaret
Number of Pets: Two
Pet Type: Bird
Pet Breed: Parakeet
From: Squaw Valley, CA
To: Tucson, AZ


I am driving to Tucson, AZ, and I would like to know if I may bring in my parakeets. They are young, healthy adults. They have traveled with me throughout CA. This will be our first road trip outside of CA.




Hi Margaret,

In terms of rules and regulations, there should be no reason why you can't travel with your birds between US states. It's a good idea to keep their health documentation with you, though.

As for their health and comfort, it would be up to you to ensure that their travel carrier is safe and secure, that the temperature is kept at the proper level, and you'll want to make sure they have plenty of food and fresh water for the journey. Ultimately this is something to talk to your vet about before you decide to go, but if you have any other questions we might be able to help with you're welcome to contact us.

Good luck with everything, and thanks for the question!


PetRelocation Team





United States


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By Matthew Everett on March 27, 2017 at 1:34 pm

Hello, I have four parrots-Lilac Crown Amazon, Senegal, Eclectus (male) and Nandy Conure. I am moving to Germany and I would like to know how and how much transportation to Frankfurt would be. I am able to meet the delivery in Frankfurt and drive them home. I have cages that will adequately house them; I want personalized service all the way, as well as insurance. This move will take place in June; I will be in Germany in late May and I already have a temperature controlled aviary. I look forward to an estimate. I also prefer a expert in aviary science or an avian veterinarian to accompany them. The cost is not an issue as Daimler is paying for the move. Sincerely, Matthew v.

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