Pet Travel Question: To Australia and Back

Name: Melissa
From: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
To: London, United Kingdom
Pets: 8-year-old Labrador, 18-month-old Mini Foxy Papillon mix

Hi, we are considering relocation to London for 12 to 18 months for my partner's work (we'll leave in October 2012). We want to take our beloved dogs with us but would like to know about quarantine periods for dogs coming from a non-rabies country, and also are there any ways we can get them there without going on a plane (we have some time up our sleeves). I'm concerned about the length of the flight for an old dog and a puppy who doesn't really deal with cold too well (ironic seeing we're moving to the UK). We want to make sure our dogs have the best possible trip there and wonder what we face to bring them back in 12 months.


Hi Melissa,

Thanks for the question! It sounds like you have some important decisions ahead of you, as the UK and Australia aren't the easiest places to import pets. The good news is that the UK is scheduled to relax their import rules beginning Jan. 1 2012, however returning to Australia will be more of a challenge. Australia imposes a quarantine for pets, something you should be prepared for if you decide to make this trip.

Take a look at these rules and requirements and then please let us know if you have any questions. You can also contact us for a free quote if you're interested in our door-to-door pet relocation services. Good luck!


PetRelocation Team




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