Pet Travel Question: When Can You Move a Puppy?

Name: Nathalie
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
From: Mexico
To: Netherlands


I have a one-month-old puppy and I'd like to take her home with me to Holland. Is this possible? What are your suggestions for me?

Thanks and Kind Regards,

Hi Nathalie,

Thanks for the question! First, please know that it's not advisable to move such a young dog. It's our company policy not to move dogs and cats until they're at least four months old, at which point they should be strong enough to withstand the stresses of flying and are also old enough to have their rabies vaccines.

If you decide to wait until your puppy is old enough to travel, take a look at these import requirements for Holland.

Hope this helps! Please contact us if you have any more questions.


PetRelocation Team




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