Pet Travel Spotlight: Relocating Horses

Most of the pets we move are "traditional" furry family members like dogs and cats, but often we have the chance to relocate birds, guinea pigs, fish, lizards and even larger pets like horses.
Leo the Horse
Leo, on the road

Recently we had the chance to help Leo -- a 17-hand, 1500 lb Oldenburg -- move from Portland, OR to Santa Barbara, CA. This corporate relocation went smoothly (the agent who transported Leo even kept a video feed going while they drove!), and as you can see, Leo's new home in California is quite beautiful.
Leo's Home
Leo's new home
Leo eating
Enjoying a post-journey meal

Give PetRelocation a call if you're ever in need of some horse travel advice, and check out more horse travel tips and horse travel trends on our blog. Happy trails, everyone!


PetRelocation Team




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