Pet Travel Spotlight: Sri Lanka Pet Imports and Exports

As pet travel becomes more popular and corporate relocations make international moving more commonplace, it's helpful to stop and take a look at particular countries and their import requirements from time to time. We recently took a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to export pets from Hong Kong, and today we're focusing on another popular Asian destination.

One of our Pet Relocation Specialists recently visited Sri Lanka, and while he was there took a look around a pet service provider called Pet Vet. Located in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, Pet Vet provides pet export services, they build custom pet travel crates, and they also house rescue dogs. Check it out:

pet vet
The Pet Vet Clinic

sri lanka
Rasha and Mike (and a rescue friend)

sri lanka
Travel Crates

sri lanka
Hey, nice logo!

sri lanka
Pet Mobile

Thanks to Mike for documenting this trip and to Rasha, a Pet Vet vet tech, for showing Mike around. It definitely makes it easier to feel comfortable with relocating pets when you can see some of the faces and facilities for yourself!

Find out more about pet travel to Sri Lanka on our website, and be sure to share your own Sri Lanka travel tips with us here or on Facebook.


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