Pet Travel Story: Bella & Kallie’s Move to Sicily

Incredible Experiences: Two Dogs Journey to Italy

We chose PetRelocation to assist us in moving our two dogs from Hayden, Idaho to Nicolosi, Sicily. My husband and I along with our 17 month old son moved here three months ago, and we had to leave our dogs with my parents in Idaho.

Kallie and Bella made the trip and arrived on time to our house in Sicily. We are thankful for PetRelocation because we didn't know how difficult it would be moving the dogs here without us flying with them.

We are so happy to finally have our furry family members!

Thank you!



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Kelsy
Pets' Names: Bella and Kallie
From: Hayden, Idaho, US
To: Nicolosi, Sicily, Italy


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PetRelocation Team




United States, Italy
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