Pet Travel Story: TJ’s Move to California

Incredible Experiences: Dog Travel From Spain to California

I had the best experience with PetRelocation. We moved from Gran Canaria, Spain to San Juan Capistrano, CA and if it weren't for the caring people at your company, I don't think TJ would have gotten here safely!

From the first person I spoke with, (I ended up working with Marissa and Amber), my experience with your company was just fabulous! TJ has adjusted so well, and he got here safe and sound which was no easy feat -- it is a 7,000 mile journey!

If I ever had to move again I would not hesitate to use PetRelocation, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves their pets as family! That is how they treated TJ -- like he was one of their family and I am extremely grateful to them for getting here to California safely!

Warmest Regards,

Pet Travel Details:

Name: Paris
Pet's Name: TJ
From: Gran Canaria, Spain
To: San Juan Capistrano, CA, US

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PetRelocation Team




United States, EU
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