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Name: Inga
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Cocker Spaniel
From: Norway
To: Poland


Dear PetRelocation,

I am adopting a dog that I know from Norway and I want to take her down to Poland (Poznan) where I study. What exactly does she need to have in order for me to fly her down with me for Christmas? Is it okay if she starts her rabies shots now? How does it work with the rabies progress and the rest?




Hi Inga,

Thanks for the question! To start, take a look at the pet import requirements for Poland. You'll need to have your dog microchipped if she's not already and also make sure she is up to date on all her vaccines. As for rabies, she needs to be vaccinated within the last year and a minimum of four weeks before departure.

We recommend choosing your airline carefully -- we often use KLM and Lufthansa for European flights. Not all airlines have established pet policies, so it's a good idea to check with carriers ahead of time to find out what their procedures are.

Let us know if you'd like some help with your pet travels, Inga. Hope you have a great trip, and good luck with your studies!



PetRelocation Team




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